Phil Smith
About Me
I am a fully qualified Driving Instructor (ADI), I qualified in September 2006 and so have lots of experience in this field. I am qualified by the UK government body, DVSA, and I am on the register of Driving Instructors. As such we are periodically required to be tested to maintain registration, I was tested last year (2016) and received one of the highest marks available (46/51) which makes me a Grade A instructor.

Before I became a Driving Instructor I was a serving member of the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Propulsion Technician, where I served 15yrs. I travelled extesively around the world, lived in Germany for 3yrs and even served in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War.

I have been married to Gwen, for 25yrs, and she is a Midwife in the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. We have a son, Adam, who is is a Biomedical Scienentist.